Vintage Photos Are Creepy

26 10 2011

Old, vintage photos are pretty great to have around Halloween time. Many of them are so mysterious and odd because we may not have have any or enough of a background of information behind the image. If you are frightened by such photographs, I advise you turn away now, while you still can, for today’s post features some of my favorite creepy, old Halloween photographs.

This is just an innocent photo of a kid in a bunny costume, though it's somehow pretty eery looking.

The juxtaposition of the masks with the everyday clothes, makes these kids seem creepy rather than cute.

The year that wearing sacks on your head counted as a costume. ((shudders))

This image is fantastic. Even in the "olden days," photos could be manipulated...just kidding this is totally real.

This wolf-man image is so bizarre. The cheap-looking mask, the bottles of liquor in the background, the missing fingers?!?

Maybe if I had some inkling as to what this was a costume of, it wouldn't be in the standings for Creepiest Photo Ever!

Ok, so hopefully we can all calm down after that scary gallery of vintage Halloween photos. Really, that last photo just about takes the cake in creep-tastic-ness. So while it may seem that a cheap mask makes the ultimate costume, just please don’t wear a sack on your head and call it a night. And remember, if you want to take a photo of yourself to save for the future when you can scare your grandchildren, remember to take it in black and white or sepia camera setting/film. As I like to say, “Sepia makes everything scarier.” That, and a super creepy and mysterious mask/costume, of course.

Halloween Countdown: 5 days!




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