Old Timey Spooks

24 10 2011

It’s that time of year agin, kiddies. The air is getting crisp and colder, the leaves are changing color and falling off the trees, pumpkins are featured in practically every restaurant’s menu, and best of all, it’s almost Halloween! Today marks the one-week countdown until my favorite holiday of the year, so today I’m starting off the annual CAPSLove Halloween countdown right.

Today I’m bringing you a crop of some of the most fantastic vintage Halloween posters, ads, and cards. Sure, many of today’s complicated and electronic, modern decorations can really give you a fright, but there’s nothing like the eery, oddly simplistic vintage spooks to really give you a scare! Best of all, most of the time, these vintage images don’t even mean to be tremendously scary, yet there’s some aura of mystery behind these images that still question our sense of what is considered thrilling…

Perhaps an early example of the Scary Clown phenomenon...

It's one thing to have a pumpkin for a head. It's another to have a rope being strung through your eyes. You tell me which is worse.

A confusingly dark approach to bobbing for apples.

What H.R. Puffinstuff would look like had he been turned into a pumpkin. Note the creepy goblins.

Everything about this card is creepy- except the jack-o-lantern.

This jack-o-lantern-headed girl might just be my new favorite thing.

 Halloween Countdown: 7 days!




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