Street Art Friday: Stickers Galore!

21 10 2011

Remember when I used to write about street art I saw around D.C? Those were fun times. Well, the hiatus has been on long enough and today I’m here to end that! I’ve got so many pictures of street art, you won’t know what hit you! So peel yourself off the ground (you know, from being hit) and pick yourself up, because today I’ll show you some pretty fantastic stickers (and one more goodie) spotted while strolling around DC the past few weeks.

The first three are from a walk I took along Independence Ave. in Southwest D.C. There’s some construction that’s been going on on the Smithsonian castle that has been overtaking part of the sidewalk on the North side of the street, next to the Hirshhorn. Construction sites always tend to attract graffiti and street artists, so I had my eyes peeled and my camera at the ready as I walked past…

I love the innocence in the imagery on this sticker. The stenciling of the child's face mixed with the butterfly wing creates a sweet collage.

The stenciled image looks like it's produced by the same artist as the first image. But this one's darker and more fierce. It's a strong action shot!

This was taken mainly for the cute robot in the bottom sticker, that says, "What's Good??" (The top sticker is part of this:

Next up are two pieces I’ve seen in other places. These are especially exciting finds for me, because I’ve seen the same work of these artists in completely different locations and with quite some time passed in between sightings. So it’s both cool that I remembered these pieces and also that the artists are still going strong.

I saw this image years ago in a much smaller size. This large piece was spotted along H St. NE. It's a great cartoon face!

The last piece was spotted on a back side street/alley along Macomb St. in Northwest D.C.  When I spotted the text, it immediately reminded me of this earlier post I wrote where I saw the same text along Wisconsin Ave. in Friendship Heights. This is slightly different however; the writing is scrawled on a sign, as opposed to the cute, small sticker that I previously spotted…

I really like the overlap of text here. A good play with lettering! It begs the question if there is meaning behind the messages of the tag and the sign.




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