All We Are Saying, Is Give King A Chance

18 10 2011

I have a new favorite hockey player on the Washington Capitals and this will probably come as a surprise to you all. It’s not the most well known player, or the best player, or frankly, the guy who gets the most ice time. But that’s not why I have chosen this guy to be my new obsession, no it is actually for the exact opposite reason. Why can’t the lesser appreciated players get some lovin’ too? You see, my new favorite player is DJ King.

Check out that ringless finger. Nice.

DJ King is unfortunately best known as the Caps’ most consistent healthy scratch on the team. I don’t really understand why he’s rarely on the ice come, game nights. King is known for being one of the toughest fighters in the NHL. And ever since the Caps lost Donald Brashear and then Matt Bradley (and since John Erskine’s been on injured reserve), the Caps have had a sever lack of an enforcer. But King’s more than just a fighter. He’s a pretty decent player too. He just hasn’t really had the chance to show his coach what he’s made of, since he keeps getting the boot. You know, maybe he’d be considered a better player if he had more experience playing. But of course, I’m not in the position to make those decisions.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to draw more attention to DJ King. Heck, I’ll even be his one-woman fan club. (I doubt the average Caps fan even knows who DJ King is, which is a sad, sad, fact.) With this new-found appreciation for the man who also happens to be only a year older than me (he’s 27! Not too shabby!), I have decided to invest some serous money and time into bringing DJ King more often onto the ice. I have the idea to buy my first ever Caps jersey. I would get it with King’s name on the back, though I have a few possible ideas below, that I am having a hard time deciding on…

This is what the standard player jersey looks like. But since DJ King isn't so well known, I feel like having the word, "King" on the back could be assumed to mean something else.

I like the idea of going with his first name initials instead. This could also double as being like a Disc Jockey, which I have claimed to be. But I don't want people to just assume the latter and not get that it's also a player.

This option has a little more humor involved and people might get the point. But is it being too funny? Will it get old after a while?

I’ve got some time still, to think about this too. And maybe I won’t even shuck out the $100+ for the customized jersey and instead opt for the more personal and inexpensive idea of creating my own t-shirt. I’ll have to think things over. But I do think it would be really nice to get a jersey honoring the lesser known guys on the team. Why shouldn’t every team player be special? DJ King needs to be heard!




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