One More Reason To Disike The Penguins

14 10 2011

Last night’s Caps vs. Penguins game was electric. It was not surprising that the game was low in scoring, that the game went into overtime, and of course, that the Capitals won! Malkin was on the ice too, which surprised me, because I had read earlier about how he was going to miss the game. Nonetheless, the game was a fast-paced and exciting few hours.

The one thing that upset me though about last night’s match-up was a certain quarrel that occurred in the first half of the third period. It started out with a hit by the Caps’ Jay Beagle on Penguins’ man, Kris Letang, knocking Letang’s helmet off. This shouldn’t have been such an ordeal, as non-goalie hockey players can play without their helmet on. But this occasion was made into a big deal. Perhaps it’s because Beagle just initially walked away from the hit as if nothing had happened. Letang’s teammate, Arron Asham was so upset about the hit that he took it upon himself to defend against Beagle. It’s frankly, a little silly when you think about the strong camaraderie among the teammates, but it’s also kind of cute. Below is an eight-part recap of what went down. (The video can be found here.)

1) The hit. Beagle knocks into Letang.

2) The walk away. Beagle shuffles it off, as Letang is clearly perturbed.

3) The fight. Beagle starts off with a few solid punches at Asham, but then Asham gets the better of Beagle with a couple strong whacks.

4) Part One of Asham's totally uncalled for "fight celebration*."

5) Part Two of Asham's totally uncalled for "fight celebration*."

6) Grounded. Beagle bloodies up the ice and is knocked out.

7) The damage. Beagle emerges from the ice, with a "Joker-like" gash across his mouth.

8) Helped off. Beagle is helped off the ice, not to return for the rest of the game.

I have no problem with a good hockey fight every now and then. The fight was pretty fair and the cause for it was not too surprising. What I do have a problem with however, is how Arron Asham reacted after he had defeated Jay Beagle in their battle. But was that *fight celebration really necessary? I think not. I know that hockey players [cough, cough, Alex Ovechkin, cough, cough] can be known to be rather showy at times, but that is only acceptable on some occasions. But to gloat about injuring another player is just distasteful and disrespectful. This just gives me one more reason not to like Pittsburgh’s hockey club. Arron Asham should be ashamed for his behavior. Next time just head to the penalty box like a pro. Sure, you can hang your head high, but the lack of regard for your opponent is flat out insulting- not just to the other player/team, but really to the sport of hockey. I expect more class from these guys.




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