Goalie Masks R’ Us

11 10 2011

Last night as I was watching the Caps slowly (and I mean, slowly) beat the Tampa Bay Lightning, something particular caught my eye on the ice. Both of the goalies who were playing (Tomas Vokoun and Dwayne Roloson) were not only both new additions to their respective teams, but more excitedly, they were both sporting some new, snazzy goalie masks:

Vokoun's Caps mask

Roloson's Lightning mask

I was really excited to see Vokoun’s mask which proudly displays the eagle logo when viewed head-on. However, Roloson’s mask looked puzzling with the images of what I learned to be Thor, the God of Lightning. This was just kind of odd looking, and since the God of Lightning isn’t a well-known image, it just came off as looking weird. Either way, the art on both of these masks is pretty impressive. It’s all done by David Gunnarsson, who seems to be The Man for goalie mask art. Below are some of my favorites from his site as well as some particularly noteworthy designs he’s done.

I really like the enlarged graphic of the Rangers' logo. Plus, the added sparkle, gives The Big Apple's team a cool flair.

This simple design resembles a football helmet's look, but I like it. This is another good use of the sparkle for an enhanced look.

I'm not really sure what this orange goop is all about, but the overall mask design looks cool.

Dexter from the Cartoon Network show, "Dexter's Lab" makes an appearance...

I'm not really a Chuck Norris fan, but I figured this unique mask would be the right way to end this awesome post.




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