Ropin’ Me In A Cowboy

7 10 2011

I used to claim that I didn’t have a “type” of ideal guy I wanted to be with, and then I wrote this post on what I decided was a true standard I that consistently liked. But after some more thinking about this subject, I have come to a new conclusion: I would love to date a cowboy.

Cowboys exude a cool, rough and tumble kind of sexiness. They are supremely manly. They are often confident and hard workers. Because of the origin of the nature of their jobs, they are strong and tend to take good care of their bodies. Also, the movies have led me to believe that they are romantics, something I am more than ok with.

Aside from the movies, I just love the garb that cowboys wear. Chaps, spurs, jeans, leather, boots, and let’s not forget the ten gallon hat are all thing that I get a serious kick out of seeing on a man. Halloween costumes aside, if I could find a guy who likes to wear this kind of stuff on a daily basis, then he’d be the one for me. No thanks to the oversized and baggy clothing, or the stuffy and stiff preppy look; I think I’d be just fine with a button down and jeans and a mean, oversized cowboy belt buckle.

So I’ve decided that my ideal man is a cowboy. I reckon everyone loves a good cowboy. Heck, just check out some of the following dandies from pop culture and some other fine, strapping photos of the cowboy culture!

John Travolta in Urban Cowboy

Beck in his music video, Devil's Haircut

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

I love this graphic depiction of the movie.

Roping in some steerage with some mighty fine horns!




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12 10 2011
Cowboy Boot Jamboree « C.A.P.S.Love.

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