I Like Hot Nuts

6 10 2011

I think I’ve concluded that I’m a sucker when it comes to spicy foods. I really like things hot, as I enjoy testing my taste buds to see how hot I can take certain foods. I’m not however, going to partake in any spicy-food endurance contests, but I have been known to really savor the spiciness of certain foods.

Today I was out for a walk, when the craving for something hot and spicy hit me. I knew that if I didn’t satiate that hunger, my day just wouldn’t feel complete, so I hurried into the closest CVS to browse the shelves for something that would tickle my fancy. It came down to a can of Wasabi Soy almonds and a bag of Planters’ Five Alarm Chili peanuts. I settled on the peanuts.

I tore into the wrapper and found myself absolutely delighted by how spicy these nuts were. These babies are not for the faint of heart who may only like somewhat spicy foods. This is the real deal. I knew that it was the end for me, when I began to sweat but couldn’t stop eating the delicious peanuts. Thankfully, I was able to save some of the snack for a later heat-induced feeding frenzy. This stuff is good!




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