Is Monty Python Just For Guys?

5 10 2011

Funny, right? I am a fan of Monty Python and that sort or silly, British humor. I believe that many others are amused by Monty Python as well. The television show and movies are often credited for being absurd and dry wit which is not surprising for those Brits.

The subject of Monty Python came up in discussion the other day while I was out with a fellow fan. The conversation seemed simple enough; we were joking about the humor and the creators and such. But then my company made a bizarre statement. He claimed that more males like Monty Python than females do.

I thought that was absolutely sexist and his statement made no sense. I feel like his odd assumption that more men like Monty Python than women is based on minimal observation; that his sister saw the play, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” and didn’t like it (though she went into the musical, with no background knowledge of the movie). He has also witnessed a group of girls not understanding the humor of the show, whereas their male dates all very much enjoyed it. Frankly, his claim makes no sense so I’ve decided to do research on this topic. Any input on this debate from my readers, would be very much appreciated. Thanks!




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5 10 2011

I’m not a girly girl, but I super love Monty Python

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