A Snuggie Solution

3 10 2011

It’s apparently officially fall. October has begun. Hockey season is beginning again. Fall has recently become my favorite season. And brrrr! It’s pretty chilly outside. That’s all fine and dandy with me, but it’s not ok when the coldness from the outside travels its way into the inside. My apartment building just decided it’s cold enough to turn the heat on, but why does it seem like my work building never thinks it is ok to turn on the heat? If the powers that be think that no heat will mean saving money, then they’re wrong. If no heat means more people are staying home from work sick, then that sure won’t help productivity.

I was recently talking to a friend who experiences a similar problem of a severe lack of heat at work. I explained about how I have been known to wear my winter coat and gloves at work in this scenario. My friend mentioned however, that she’s taken to wearing a Snuggie at work. I thought this was a pretty good and easy idea, but I just can’t seem to get on the Snuggie bandwagon. And then I found these alternatives:

The Snuggie Suit: Borderline informal plus actually sort of awkward to imagine working in your bathrobe.

Forever Lazy: Those butt flaps are great, but even less formal for the workplace…

Maybe a simple blanket might be best, but then again, that might make it look like I’ve come to work to sleep. While that is a tempting resolution, it sure seems like the Snuggie might be the best option. Plus, as my co-worker pointed out, the Snuggie has garnered enough media attention that the joke of a product might even be somewhat accepted in public usage. It looks like I might have to invest in one of these Sunggies then!




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