30 09 2011

It’s Friday. My boss is out of the office. I’m getting ready to leave work. But wait! I still have to blog about something today. Of course this is the worst time to get a case of writer’s block, but it hits me. I turn to my brother for help:

Me: what should I blog about today?
Bro: Make a blog about poop.
Me: That’s tempting. Give me a second choice.
Bro: How about… The Doors or something? Some good band, maybe.
Me: Ok. Poop it is.
Bro: Haha, cool!
But why would I agree to write about poop? You might be wondering why I would favor writing a blog post about poop over a fantastic band, such as The Doors. But here’s the thing: poop is great. And even better is that everybody seems to know this and acknowledge it. Human feces has and will always be a funny subject. Everyone laughs about poop. From kids all through old folks, poop is a universal funny subject. Even Perez Hilton knows that:
In addition to laughing at poop jokes,  apparently people just really love all things relating to poop. Check out some of these ways that people show their admiration for poop:

A gold mold of Suri Cruise's first poop.

Moose poop earrings

Gold poop charm.

A crocheted gift of poop.




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