Caps Convention Recap: Wideman-mania!

27 09 2011

Many of you may have noticed a severe lack of posts about the upcoming Caps season lately. I admit this is because of my seriously unfortunate sadness associated with s number of my favorite players being traded away. But this past Saturday I got right back in the excited mood for Caps hockey to return to D.C. Saturday was the third annual Caps Convention which was pretty fantastic.

The most important thing that I discovered while at “Caps Con” was my new-found love for Caps player, Dennis Wideman. Wideman, 28 is just a couple years older than me, and equally awesome is the fact that his birthday is two days after mine. Not only did I get to see Wideman in a panel (with Matti P. aka: Matthieu Perreault) but I also got his autograph (on my arm, thankyouverymuch)! I would venture to say that Wideman is one of, if not the cutest players on the team. (Watch out Brooks Laich!) I’ll have to construct a survey later on of the team, but I am nominating Dennis Wideman for this year’s team hottie.

Yup, Wideman signed my arm. We shared a moment.

Below are some of the notes I took during the convention. As you can see, the majority are about Wideman.

  • Wideman mentioned something about the “other guys” having girlfriends and wives. What’s that? The other guys? Ok. Wideman is single. I’m spreading that rumor.
  • Wideman described his living situation and said he lives in a “cottage.”
  • Matti P. was seen wearing a Boston Red Sox hat. When asked about it, he said he doesn’t really watch baseball. Maybe he likes the hat because he likes socks that are red- red for the Caps!
  • “Generally, hockey guys are pretty good guys… for the most part.” -Matt Hendricks. What is that supposed to mean?! He’s so vague but I think I’m ok with that…
  • I noticed that Caps players Wideman, Holtby, Vokoun, and Kolzig all favored wearing large, shiny, black watches. That’s cool!
  • Two words: Ollie’s arms. (They’re huge!)

And, below are some photos I took of Wideman. These photos should give you a good idea of how cute the man is.

Wideman (left) and Perreault (right). Both quite charming.

Wideman answers a question.

Wideman talking. Love this.

About to meet him, signing autographs. You can also see his swank watch here.




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