Karaoke Dreaming

23 09 2011

I’ve been writing about some of my goals this week, so today I present you with another life goal of mine. I have been talking to one of my good friends about Karaoke. We both have similar feelings about this popular, entertaining activity. It seems that we are only really able to get up enough nerves to participate in karaoke if we are under the influence of some alcohol. This is because we are both pretty shy – at least with singing in front of others. However, when singing while drunk, the result becomes a sloppy mess for both the singer and the listener, and nobody wants to hear/see that.

But I would like to overcome this challenge, so have proposed the following plan. Somehow, I need to go to a place that has karaoke and just have my friends around. No strangers. I need to pick a song or two that I am completely comfortable singing along to and with my friends present. Perhaps at first with the aide of a drink or two (but not too many!) I will be comfortable enough to sing. Ideally, it would be awesome to just buy the game, Karaoke Revolution so I could easily practice at home to get more confident, but alas, that requires a video game system which I do not own.

I need to do this frequently enough to work my way up to going out for karaoke with strangers around. I may also need to work on my singing and my confidence, especially without the use of (much) alcohol. (Though some alcohol may be a willing crutch to utilize.) I am hoping that with enough practice and exposure to the karaoke scene, that I can successfully conquer my stage fright.

This guy is great!




One response

23 09 2011

they have karaoke places where you get a room so it’s just you and your friends. No worries about singing in front of strangers that way

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