DC Speakeasies

14 09 2011

Hi all! Ready for a fun-filled history lesson today? I bet you didn’t know that Washington, D.C. really used to booze it up in days of yore. During the Prohibition era, Washington was a top spot for underground and illegal drinking. I love the irony since many people think of D.C. as a stiff, rule-making city. But what many do not know is that Washington is apparently also chock full of citizens who just want to have a drink and a good time, regardless of whether it was legal or not.

Here’s a fun fact about Washington, D.C’s colorful and scandalous history:

“There were an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 speakeasies in Washington, DC during Prohibition. During 1931 alone, the police and the Prohibition Bureau raided 1,155 of them. That’s three a day!”

That information can be found on the extremely interesting website, prohibitionhangover.com. Can you imagine that Washington had something like 2,000 speakeasies? I would honestly like to try and comprehend that statistic, but it’s pretty far-out. Thank goodness that some of the bars and watering holes persisted through that period and that we no longer live in a time of Prohibition. Cheers!




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