Burger Boycott

13 09 2011

Many of you may know that I love me a good burger joint. Living in D.C. is great for your burger cravings too, with so many places all over the city to satiate your cravings, from Good Stuff Eatery, to Fuddruckers, to Rogue States to Shake Shack to Bobby’s Burger Palace; lest us not forget the always confusing two places: brgr:shack and BGR The Burger Joint. So it isn’t difficult for me to eliminate going to one of these burger places, in my boycott against the company. That’s right, I’m boycotting a well-loved D.C burger place.

The pointing shall begin at BGR The Burger Joint. A word to the wise: unless you order a basic burger, be prepared to fork over more than $10 for your sandwich. Frankly, I feel that this is pretty unreasonable to pay so much for a so-called “gourmet” burger. Of course the website doesn’t list any of the prices either, so you have to be careful of what you order or a be really dedicated fan to be happy with what you pay for your order. Speaking of the high prices, BGR charges a whopping 99 cents to add cheese to a burger. Believe me, that adds up. I’m pretty sure most other places only charge you the standard 50 cents for cheese. Want fires with that? That’s going to cost you even more, plus you’ve got to have a drink.

It all started two visits ago when I went to BGR for a pre-kickball game meal. My complete order of fries and a (not boring and plain) burger came to a total of something like $20. Are you kidding me?? That meal should have cost half as much. I forked over the dough and ate my meal, regretting paying for every bite. Sure, the food is decent, but it’s not my favorite burger either.

Last night I ventured back to BGR with some family members. I made them very aware that I had been boycotting the place, but since I was being treated to dinner, I decided I could give the place another try since I wouldn’t be paying. This time I was more careful to order a simple turkey cheeseburger. I do have to admit that at least BGR makes some tasty sweet potato fries. But then again, I have yet to see a place mess that up. On top of all that, we were accidentally charged and ordered a second milkshake. (I’m sure we didn’t need that extra shake, thanks.) Anyways, I ate my meal and thought that was the end of that. Until I came home hours later completely sick with a stomach ache. I’m not sure why it happened but the toilet became a good friend of mine.

Why has BGR continued to curse me with bad experiences? Was it food poisoning? Either way, it pretty much guaranteed that I really will not be returning to them anytime soon. You guys better get your act together or be ok with losing a disgruntled customer. But I’m not upset with my break-up with BGR. I’ve always got the plethora of other places instead, anyways…




One response

13 09 2011
Patrick Pho

A BGR opened up by my house in Clarendon and I’ve been to it twice but everytime I go I am reminded how expensive it is. I’d rather go to Five Guys, Hell Burger, or Big Buns to get my burger fix.

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