Blogging Is Just Graffiti With Punctuation

12 09 2011

This was an interesting weekend, and by interesting, I mean pretty funny. The past few days I heard some very humorous quotations. Some were from the movie, Contagion (don’t worry- there are no spoilers!) and some are from a few friends. All is good. All is entertaining. Enjoy the following quotes as we all laugh together…


“Blogging is not writing. It’s just graffiti with punctuation. ” – Contagion

“Why don’t they invent a shot to keep time from passing?!” – Contagion

“Tilt your head back and stop talking.” – Contagion [THAT’S WHAT HE SAID!!!]

“He had Mom Jeans. You know, they’re really, really denim.” -MB

“Kansas City’s in Wichita, right? Oh, or is that in Arkansas?” -AN

“I slipped on the wetness.” -JN

AN: You should shave- it makes you look really young!   MB: That’s what HE said!

MB: Have you ever seen the movie, Teeth? It’s about a vagina that has teeth. It’s on Netflix.    AN: I can do that!

“We got the teeth! (Sung to the tune of, ‘We Got The Beach’)” -a faulty text message from JN with an accidental typo!




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