Rain Boots? More Like Lame Boots

8 09 2011

Rain boots have never claimed to be the best looking item of footwear. But in times of rain, are people really concerned about what they put on their feet, if they’re just going to get wet and dirty? Rain boots fashion is nothing to write home about. Sure they come in a plethora of decorative patterns, but otherwise, they aren’t the best looking footwear.

I liken rain boots to a combination of two of the ugliest footwear fads: Uggs and Crocs. Rain boots share the same cylindrical non-shape as Uggs, but are made of a utilitarian rubber, similar to that of the Crocs. Basically, the rain boot is the most mundane thing you can put on your feet in times of rain. I also consider it an unfortunate fashion faux pas to wear rain boots throughout the day (in the office, for example). Please- bring a change of shoes or something.

Some rain boots however, do try to look half-decent. Here are a sampling of boots that either try to do the best while still maintaining the boring boot shape, and some other rainy day footwear choices that may veer away from the traditional boot.

Jimmy Choo creates a stylish croc texture. These could almost pass for fashionable boots.

I actually saw some silver boots outside today and was surprised that a little shine fancied up the otherwise drab boot.

I'm not sure I'm totally buying the cowboy boot in the rubber material, but it's at least a step in the right direction.

I'm actually fond of these more shoe-looking rain footwear. Who needs the leg covering, after all?

These short rain "booties" have a cute, mod look.

At least these boots could pass for real heels. I approve the consideration for switching to the office. Plus, the color is hot!




One response

17 10 2012
CJ - Loving São Paulo

I just bought a pair of rain boots and told my husband whilst queuing to pay that it is the first time I will wear them since I was about 10. They are indeed not the prettiest foot wear and as I was desperate to get some, I ended up with a black pair with white dots on, as the plain black were out. Not my style whatsoever and I am thinking they will look ridiculous with my office wear but as you said, who cares what’s on your feet when you are running through the rain anyway. I love the Jimmy Choo ones!

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