There’s No Such Thing As Fiveplay

7 09 2011

Today I have been alerted to a most amazing performance. It may start out fairly simple: just a boy and his ukulele, but after about the three minute mark and things get going, you can obviously tell that this kid is going places.

This video is of a performance apparently given at an Open Mic Night at his college, Lehigh University. The video is dubbed, a “Ukulele Extravaganza” which seems to be a pretty accurate description. In addition to the pleasant rocking of the Hawaiian instrument, the guy singing has quite an interesting voice to go along with the performance. I’d call his sound something like a mix of MGMT, David Byrne, and Buddy Holly, however when I asked the musician, the primary influence was stated to be Andrew Jackson Jihad.

I’ll let you decide for yourself, but I think this guy is going to be the latest and greatest thing… if only within the Lehigh community. Start small, is what I say.






One response

7 09 2011

I like his tie.

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