Drunk Dreaming

2 09 2011

I always seem to have strange and very memorable dreams after a night of drinking, and last night was no exception. It seems like each time I experience this phenomenon, the dreams just get weirder and weirder. I suppose when my imagination meets alcohol, the two run wild. It’s not a surprising product of the means, but what my mind does come up with is pretty out of the ordinary. Take last night’s dream:

I dreamt I was in San Francisco with my brother and we were kidnapped by a mob of Hipsters. We got separated and I was taken to a rocky beach on the Pacific. One of the Hipster girls told me she wanted to give me a tour of the city and that we were going to start at the shore. I was excited about the beach and went over and put my foot in the water. I noticed a huge group of dolphins right in the surf, sticking up, like they wanted food or something. They were being very vocal, despite the fact that it looked like the only way they could fit in the extremely shallow water was if they were chopped in half. When I pulled my foot out of the water, it had painful cuts all over it. My Hipster companion informed me of these small, furry, gopher-like creatures that hide in the sand and then gnaw away your skin like leeches or something. I was disappointed that she had not informed me of this beforehand. While I was left to tend to my wounds, my brother and I were reunited with the rest of my family. We were then taken to some sort of fire-circus act that was in town. My friend, Walker was apparently starring in the show. I spotted him atop a tall unicycle juggling object on fire. When I called out to him, he was delighted and surprised to see me.

That’s about where the dream ended. I have no idea how my imagination came to make all this up. The only thing I do know, is that yesterday I watched the trailer for the movie, “Dolphin Tale” which is most likely why I was thinking about amputated dolphins. None the less, it was extremely odd…




One response

2 09 2011
Patrick Pho

Well you got one thing right- Hipster are evil!

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