Celebrating 9/11 With Cats

1 09 2011

It has recently come to my attention that people actually read this blog. But as if that wasn’t cool enough, there are actually real people whom I know who read this blog. So, if you are reading this and you know me, then you can be rest assured that there are others out there in your same position. You should be so proud of yourself for being awesome!

So in lieu of writing about something else that you probably could care less about, today’s post is for the people. I was flipping through the pages of today’s Express paper, when I came across something that I just knew the masses would need to know about: 

Why, the National Capital Cat Show, of course! Why? What else were you thinking of? The NCCS, for those who feel the need to abbreviate everything, is your place for all things cats. But apparently while being the host to everything about cats, somehow a sneaky dog managed to find its way onto to the website‘s front page:

It says, Pet, but it shows a dog. Very clever...

Anyways, I would include photos of cats in this posting, but honestly, there probably isn’t a picture of a cat out there that you haven’t already seen. Besides, I’m a dog person. So what’s a dog person to do at the Cat Show? Well actually, one of the reasons I think dogs are better than cats is because they can be trained… to do cool things. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw the following video for the page of the Competition for Feline Agility, which will be held at the Cat Show.

That’s right! A circus-like “act” featuring a cat being trained (i.e: making a kitten chase around a dumb feather toy) to jump through an obstacle course to a jazzy rendition of, “Say A Little Prayer For You.” Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. As if that isn’t enough to get excited about, there is a free gift for the first 1,000 visitors to the Cat Show each day. So got nothing to do on September 10th and 11th? Then it sounds like you should probably fork over a cool ten bucks and head on over to the National Capital Cat Show at the Dulles Expo Center. You could tell them CAPSLove sent you. I’d love to hear what happens.




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