Can Guys Change?

30 08 2011

Can guys change? I used to think that there was no use in trying to get a guy to change for you. Guys tend to be very stuck in their ways. If they say something, there’s a pretty sure chance that they mean it. But lately I’ve found myself questioning my very own sturdy system of thinking about guys. I liken it to my hopefulness, but it seems I am not the only one who would like to try to change a predicament with a guy.

Scene 1: Guy likes Girl and conveniently Girl likes Guy back. Girl wants to be with Guy in a relationship. Guy tells Girl he is not interested in anything serious now. Girl doesn’t know if she should stick with Guy, in hopes that maybe more exposure Girl and Guy have to each other, the more Guy will want to stay with Girl in a relationship. 

Scene 2: Guy likes Girl. A lot. Girl is persistently hesitant about liking Guy, at least as much as Guy likes her. Girl wishes Guy was different in order to be someone she actually wants to be with, although does enjoy the attention Guy gives her… which is a great deal. 

The question remains the same: can Girl change Guy? Sure, each situation is different, but I think it really just comes down to the same thing. Are guys more malleable than we think, or are men as adamant as they lead us to believe? Is it worth trying to change our men to suit our needs/wants? If we try to change them will we learn anything from the process? Is it worth it? The question remains…




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30 08 2011


31 08 2011
Limin Li

Been there , done that!

12 09 2011

Scene 1: Guy should grow up, grow a pair, and give a serious relationship a try.

Scene 2: Girl should tell the guy exactly what she wants in a guy, and either give him an ultimatum to change or tell him sayonara.

In my humble opinion. Go Caps.

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