Bob Dylan’s Hurricane Playlist

27 08 2011

I’ve blogged about weather playlists in the past such as ones for rain and the heat but today is a unique kind of playlist. It started out as a hurricane playlist, but then I realized that I could take it a step further. This is more than a storm playlist. Instead this is Bob Dylan’s guide to Stormy Songs. It’s kind of interesting to note that may of Dylan’s songs have to do with rain or storms. So enjoy listening to these when partying with the mighty Irene!

  1. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
  2. Shelter From The Storm
  3. Idiot Wind
  4. Hurricane (I know it’s not about an actual storm, but it’s close enough.)
  5. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
  6. Buckets of Rain (One of my favorite songs by Dylan.)
  7. Early Morning Rain
  8. High Water 
  9. Down in the Flood

Sure, it’s not a very long playlist, but for all of the songs being by one artist, I think nine is a pretty substantial amount. Of course, if you wanted to expand this list, there some other great hits you could include. The Doors’ Riders on the Storm and Stormy Weather by Ella Fitzgerald particularly come to mind when I think of songs about storms. So, keep safe and enjoy your storm-songs!




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