Come On Irene

26 08 2011

It’s a shame that the powers that be at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) who choose the names for hurricanes, didn’t name the East Coast’s latest concern, “Eileen.” But the name “Irene” seems to be close enough for many people who have taken to making parodies of the hit tune, “Come On, Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners. Below, I have found some examples of the parodies people have come up with relating to Hurricane Irene.

Oooh, look at the pretty colors!

This first parody is pretty good, though it takes the narrative of someone who fancies surfing, which I don’t think many people can relate to. Either way, it shows some decent pictures and aside from the somewhat annoying sounding voice, works out pretty well.

Another parody of the song has made it’s way to YouTube, but the lyrics of this one are a bit outlandish. The person behind this song apparently thinks there is a tie to the hurricane and states that employed slaves back in the 19th century slave trade. The tone is pretty hostile, but nonetheless, it’s a parody that deals with the hurricane:

Parody number three features such clever lyrics like, “Now that you’re strong/Our houses are gone” and was created by a bunch of tween-looking girls. Unfortunately the video is just of one verse and the chorus, but it does set you up to finish the song, an encouraging venture. This might be the best parody compared to the previous two, but one verse just isn’t ideal

This fourth parody might be my favorite out of the ones I’ve found, but alas, like the last one, it too is just one verse. However, these lyrics are little more thoughtful: “Come on Irene/Let’s not make a scene./If you come up the coast/We’ll all be toast.” The singer sounds sweet and the guitarist plays well, which makes this duo is easy to watch.

So it seems that Hurricane Irene is becoming quite popular among the music parody composers. It’s kind of nice that this hurricane can provide entertainment to serve as an enjoyable distraction from the disaster at hand. If only this one was really named Eileen, but I suppose it’s too late in the year for a name that starts with a letter so early into the alphabet. (This is how tropical storms/hurricanes are named, if you were wondering.) So, come on Irene!




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