Mice In The Garden

22 08 2011

Today on my too-late lunch break, I decided to head to the always beautiful sanction in the city: The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden. With the art, gardening, and plethora of benches, it’s frequently a place I like to go to have my lunch and escape from my window-less office during the mundane work day. The Sculpture Garden attracts both tourists and locals alike, so it’s no surprise that the area is rarely empty. The garden is pretty and serene and a relaxing visual break from the blocks of gray buildings in the surrounding neighborhood.

So it was especially disturbing when I noticed not one, but three mice scurry near me as I was enjoying my break. What’s up with that? I realize that Washington is a city with a rodent problem, much like other cities, but last time I checked, D.C.’s rodents were not supposed to be as present an issue as say, New York City (and it’s famously rat-infested Subway) or Baltimore. So while I see that one of the many lush gardens in the city is an ideal romping ground for such rodents, the Sculpture Garden should not be home to these creatures. The space is too pretty and attracts too many people to safely and healthily share the space with the animals. Hopefully the grounds-people can take care of this issue.




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