Street Art: Spain Style

19 08 2011

If you were to take a look at all of the photos I took while abroad in Spain, you might be surprised by the vast quantity of photos I took of the street art/graffiti in that country. It’s always fun to visit another country to see their own art, and this contemporary medium definitely has its place in Spain. Among the hundreds of photos from my trip, an estimated 150 were of street art/graffiti alone. Today I am sharing my top 10 favorites that I spotted on my travels.

"Get Up" dancers stencil

The original Game Boy created in tiles much like the artist Space Invader does.

Some 3-D pieces including the arrow at right by the artist, Above.

Maybe my favorite from the whole trip.

Just loved the lettering here.

Saw this face throughout Spain, always semi-hidden from the textured walls it was drawn on.

Simple idea, but it caught my eye and stayed in my mind.

Someone put underwear onto the Crosswalk Man!

Michael Jackson stencil. Nice.

Spotted this 3-D tiled image of a pixelated mushroom on a few occasions.




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25 08 2011
get up

Nice shots! check out for more from me

25 08 2011

Awesome! Thanks for stopping by!

19 09 2011

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