Elvis Says, “Shut Up, Woman!”

17 08 2011

While on my most recent road trip, my friend and I had plenty of time for some quality music. We not only listened to the tons of music we had, but with our plethora of time, we also learned some lyrics and then analyzed the songs’ meanings. One such song had particularly amusing lyrics to us.

One of the songs that we listened to became something like the anthem of our trip: “A Little Less Conversation” by Elvis Presley.  The remix that we listened to, often times on repeat was a sure-fire way to put us in a good mood. Not like we needed help with feeling good, but it was sort of like our party song. The remix is so fun to listen to and has a lot going on to give the song energy.

Of course when learning lyrics just by listening to them, there’s bound to be some misheard things. At first we thought the lyrics were a little crazy. There are some lyrics that we had trouble deciphering. In our ears, some of the lyrics really sounded like the following:

“Open up your mouth and open up your heart and satisfy me.”

Thank goodness that wasn’t what he was really saying. Can you imagine? The hussy!

“Girl it’s getting late, you’d do the same for me…”

His girl would do the same for him? Things look like they’re getting a little more than PG/PG-13.

“All this aggravation and satisfaction in me.”

That doesn’t even make sense. Elvis is both aggravated and satisfied? How does that work?

It wasn’t until I found the original song that I learned that some of the lyrics we were singing were actually incorrect. With the assistance of the internet as well, I was able to get down to it and see the actual lyrics to the song:

“A little more bite and a little less bark
A little less fight and a little more spark
Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me”

Sure, most of what my friend and I hear turned out to be incorrect, but the underlying message of the song seemed to be the same. That’s right. Elvis is singing to a girl to basically stop talking, so he can get it on with her. Woah there lover boy. Here’s the original song for comparison. It’s much easier to understand the lyrics, but with that, you totally lose the fun factor that the remix has:




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