Road Trip 5: Kansas City

12 08 2011

This road trip’s final destination is the exciting city of Kansas City, MO. Having never been to, Missouri, I am looking forward to going to this city. This will be the one new state on this road trip that I have yet to travel to. I may not be the most educated about Kansas City, but I did recently learn that the city is actually in two states: Kansas and Missouri. Seems pretty confusing, if you ask me. Aside from this being a confusingly-named city, I can assure you that there are some pretty great songs named after this location.

Chuck Berry wrote and first performed the aptly-named (for this post) song, “Kansas City” and then The Beatles covered it:

Of course, you could watch covers of this song all day long. But there’s another nifty song by the same name, from the musical, “Oklahmoa!” which describes Kansas City when it was just starting to boom in the Mid-West. This version done by the acclaimed Original London Cast does a fine rendition of the song:




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12 08 2011

ooh id love to go!!

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