Serial Dating

27 07 2011

One of the traps with dating is that you can easily get jaded. There comes a point where you can go on so many first dates with people, that you just get stuck going on first dates just to have the “dating experience,” or someone being interested in you, or that initial thrill, that you lose a sense of what dating is actually about. It’s like serial-dating.

Serial dating is quite a shame if it happens to you. You become caught in a cycle. You can get to the point where you develop something like an “addiction” to going on as many first dates as you can. This could be attributed to being desperate for attention from anyone who could be pursuing you. Or… you could just be stuck. The thing with serial dating is that after a while, it just becomes a habit. And to make things harder to stray from, serial dating tends to occur when you continue to date people you only have mediocre feeling about. Those you feel only “meh” towards.

Until you meet someone of whom you have stronger and positive feelings towards, you could be stuck going on “50 First Dates”…





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18 08 2011
Don’t Listen To Disney « C.A.P.S.Love.

[…] you happy. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from teetering on the edge of becoming a serial dater, it’s just that. Sure, I’ve become the kind of girl who dates to discover what I […]

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