25 07 2011

Last week will forever go down as the week in which I had the worst experiences in riding trains in D.C. There were problems aplenty with the Metro (no surprise) but also with Amtrak and the MARC. Why I decided to ride all three of these types of trains in a city not necessarily known for having the best train service, is beyond me. But the important thing here is that I lived to tell the tale. With that being said, there is more than just some terrible transportation issues in the following new postings from TFLW. O hope you’re comfortable, because we’ve got a lot of ground to cover below….


Omg just walked from Georgetown to Dupont Circle in 90+ weather. I am a champion!

I dreamt it was birthday, except it wasn’t the right date, as it was today and I was so confused!

Every time I tell myself that I don’t want soup, I do. I think this heat is driving me insane. This is not your mother’s gazpacho- this is real deal HOT soup that I like!

Seriously. A drunk’s dream would be to roam freely though Whole Foods and eat whatever you please. Omg.

I’m gonna eat a can of chickpeas for dinner and I couldn’t be more excited.

The air in the Chinatown Metro station is more stale and dead than…

Just saw my first-ever junkyard (in person) and just my luck- the train I’m on has stopped right next to it. Not the most pleasant smell, I’ll have you know.

“Sympathy for the Devil” came on the radio after I watched the last Harry Potter movie(s). It’s kind of a perfect song to go with the movie. (If I suppose, you are a fan of the villain.)

The Worst of the Metro: single tracking + trains with no air conditioning during a massive heat wave. Wtf, Metro. Get your act together! If you bake all your passengers, how do you expect to make money?

I just waited for a half hour at Judiciary Square Metro  Sure we’re surging onward, but what these people fail to recognize is that single tracking is going to last the whole line- not just one stop. I could easily be on this Hell Train ALL DAY.

There’s a truck on the tracks at Metro Center. NOW, I’ve seen everything (on the Metro).

The Metro is trying to kill everyone! They’ll make you wait in HELL(ish heat).

Fml kickball [partying] is too predictable. I miss being a “freshman” in the sport.

Next time I want to get sick in order to get out having to do something I don’t want to do (for example, going to work), I should do what I did last night, by accident: quickly drink large quantities of orange juice, perhaps at least half a quart.




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