Street Art: Rehoboth Style

22 07 2011

You know what would be cool? If I could steadily write about street art once a week, maybe every Friday. With this being the second Friday in a row I’ve written about the subject, I could see this becoming a commonplace story. Nevertheless, it’s really just something I’m interested in and enjoy discussing in this format. I wish this blog covered more int he art field, so this is a good way to do that.

Anyways, today’s post takes us to Rehoboth Beach! (The beach does sound good right about now, doesn’t it?) I don’t often see street art worthy of being mentioned at the Eastern Shore beach towns, so when I do, it’s usually something that will really grab my attention. It actually came as a surprise to me that I chose to take a picture of this piece of “art.” It’s nothing fanciful, not very elaborate, and quite frankly it looks like your average Joe could pull something like this off:

I was actually drawn to its simplicity. I’m not really sure what it means, but I don’t see that as the point. I like the vagueness. It’s up to the interpreter to make sense of it. And honestly, this could be jumbled into the argument of Is This Art? I’m not sure. The process is easy enough: print a simple message on a Post Office sticker. The medium is ordinary, as many street artists opt for the Priority Mail stickers that easily stick to many surfaces and are made to last. So it can be questioned why I chose this seemingly mundane sticker to blog about.

Street Art however, isn’t always about the most elaborate. Sometimes it’s nice to see that this art movement can be more accessible than many would think. One could put an original sticker in a visible place and call it art. But most of the time there’s a meaning behind the art, the underlying message, or the placement. I’m not saying I know why this sticker was created, (I don’t know) but I appreciate it’s placement and invitation to the view to think about it.




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