Street Art: SW DC

15 07 2011

Today’s post is highlighting some recent noteworthy street art I spotted last week. The street art scene is alive and thriving in Washington, D.C. and I would like to showcase more and more of these fine examples every week. Today’s examples are both stickers, and both were seen on Independence Avenue in SW D.C.

The first piece is a sticker of a piece that has come to be commonly seen around the Washington area, Stikman. (You can read all about some of his sightings here.) You have probably seen this character all over the many streets and intersections of the city, often times being camouflaged by the crosswalk stripes. Seeing Stikman has become something of an everyday occurrence to me, so this is not about that. More uniquely however, this sighting is instead of Stikman as a sticker on a street sign. The medium is different than usual, and the location is as well. Definitely worth noting.

The second piece of street art, actually looks like a combination of two different artists. It starts with the large, mushroom-looking piece, which actually looks like the work of a well known artist, whose name I can’t quite remember right now. This artist is known for his realistic personifications of non-human objects. I’m kind of sad that this sticker is a little damaged, but that is the risk you take as a street artist. On the top of the mushroom are two stickers that look like the art of the famous cartoonist, R.Crumb. These are artists who could be displayed in a museum, but instead have been possibly-accidentally collaborated with. In any case, it makes for a humorous composition.

Like I’ve been saying, I hope to include more examples of Street Art in CAPSLove in the future. As an artist who is interested in too, having my work on display for others to appreciate, Street Art is a clever idea to me. Each artist is different in not only their art and message, but also for their reasons for choosing to “deface” public property as opposed to a more formal setting. But for whatever reason these artists persist, I thank them for creating art in every day spaces.




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