Good Humor Is Back

14 07 2011

Food trucks are all the rage these days, coming in different colors, shapes, and selling any type of food you could imagine. But you know this food-on-wheels idea had to start somewhere. Pretty much the most well known food truck is the ever-loved ice cream truck. These have been around for ages, bring delight in the form of frozen desserts to millions of folks. Many of you might remember being a kid and excitedly hearing the ice cream truck’s music from blocks away, preparing yourself and your pocket change for the ice cream truck to cater to your sweaty, summer desires.

Ice cream trucks have of course been around for a while, and thankfully they are still around today. The Good Humor truck was probably the first of its kind to tote around ice cream in a car, but of course now there are plenty of privately-owned ice cream knockoff trucks. There have grown to become so many imitation ice cream trucks however, that many people often forget about the good ol’ Good Humor truck.

But today I spotted a real-to-goodness Good Humor truck! It was across the street from where I work, on Independence Ave. I wasn’t hungry for ice cream (crazy, I know), but I was pretty tempted to get something just because it was a real deal Good Humor truck. I mean really, you don’t see those much these days. Where have all the Good Humor trucks gone?!




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