Restricted Blogging Areas

12 07 2011

I blog about many different things; six or more specific topics, to be exact (Celebrities, Arts, general Ponderings, Sports, Love, the DC Metro, and Food/Drink). With so many topics to cover, many people have asked me what I will not write about as a blogger. Sure, I’ve got a lot of ground to cover on this blog, but there are still some topics I will rule as off-limits.

Some things are best left off-limits.

First off, there’s the touchy subject of dating. Yes, I frequently touch upon relationships and such, but notice how I have rarely detailed my accounts of specific guys of whom I’ve met. Sure, there are plenty of bloggers out there who enjoy recounting every detail of every (failed) date and so forth. And while I’ve considering using anonymous nick names to describe these such men-folk, I have decided against it. Too many people read this who know me and I wouldn’t want the wrong information getting spread around about myself. It’s not really something I want being visible to future suitors. So instead, when I feel the need to communicate a certain issue with a certain guy in my life, I instead turn it around as a general topic for discussion.

Another subject I will not blog about is any type of negative relationship I might have with another person. For a similar reason to the above off-limits subject, I don’t want rumors being spread about me and whoever else is involved in my life. Some things are best left off the radar for the public to get involved in. Sure, it may be difficult to stay away from ranting about certain people upsetting or frustrating me, but I know that the internet is a big place and if the subject of my post sees something negative written about them, then that can’t lead to good things.

After watching the movie, “Julie/Julia,” I have decided to best and avoid blogging about work and my job. I won’t give anything away, but there’s a part of that movie, where the main character writes about her job, and her boss finds out and it’s not a good thing. I’m not sure if my co-workers have ever stumbled upon my blog (I doubt it), but I don’t want them to find out that this is me. It’s not like I write anything that incriminating on here, but you never know. Plus, my work life is none of your business. Ha.

Basically, I won’t write about anything too personal or too revealing. I know a few people who have blogs and write about subjects that are pretty personal. It may work fine for them, but I’d like to be able to get away with writing as much as I can about what interests me, without revealing my true identity. It’s seemed to work fine for me so far, and you’ve been a fantastic audience, in reading my blog without asking for much more about who I really am.

I'm not the only one who might want to preserve my true identity...




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