11 07 2011

Today TFLW brings you another edition chock full o’goodness. And you better believe you’re welcome for that. I had one of the best weekends this year, so I’m coming off that high. It started with an ultra successful 1908’s-themed party/birthday party for a friend. That was followed by a concert by Animal Collective. You may remember my numerous mentions of this band and their music on this blog. I was happy to see them perform one of my favorite songs, and not coincidentally so, the subject of this past post. And as if that wasn’t enough greatness for the weekend, it ended with a day trip-turned overnight stay at the beach that began with a couple friends. I’m pretty sure you can’t get any better than the party-concert-beach combination. It’s pretty much the triple threat. Anyways, enough about my weekend. Let’s have a gander at this week’s edition of TFLW. I end it with the latest and greatest music mash-up, so get your ears ready to be delighted…


I live within at least five places to buy liquor, not including bars and restaurants. Go me.

I go to Whole Foods just for the smells and to browse… and for the air conditioning!

I just spent 10 straight hours in my office building, without leaving once for fresh air. Augh!

Dating is BS and Disney has brainwashed us into the notion that everyone should be coupled up. Unfortunately for me, I subscribe to that notion and dating is kind of the only way to achieve that.

Whoever invented the wireless computer mouse was a total IDIOT. The mouse is powered by batteries which will eventually run out of power. Whenever I have to change the mouse batteries (at work) the following happens: 1) we are throwing away tons of batteries. What ever happened to buying re-chargeables?? 2) It takes my computer at least 20 minutes to recognize that the mouse is connected. WTF is taking so long?!

I want to go to a club where they only play Country music. Now THAT’S a real Country Club!

Are youu in a thunderstorms? Omg   [–For the record, I have no idea who this was going to be sent to or when I wrote this, but it sure seems to be written while drunk.]

Listening to the radio and the stations are cutting into each other (due to poor signal) and the songs on the two stations that are going in and out between each other are the PERFECT combination: “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)” by Katy Perry and “The Night Before” by The Beatles.” How great is that!? I wish that was planned between radio stations. Both songs are about the idea of “last night.” Someone HAS to make a mash-up of the two.


Only thing that could have improved this total coincidental genius, was the addition of the song, “Last Night” by The Traveling Wilburys:

(Are there any other songs about “last night” that would also work for a themed mash-up?)




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