5 07 2011

Wowzers. There are so many juicy tidbits in this week’s edition of thoughts From Last Week (TFLW), I really don’t know where to begin. Once again, there are insane Metro happenings. You’d think that by now, these crazy instances would just become the norm, but there always seems to be something new and surprising. In addition to the Metro, I’ve got a few drunken thoughts and some standard musings about being single. Probably my favorite entries below are from separate conversations with my parents. My dad accidentally makes a great joke due to him not being versed in current slang and my mom says something I nearly fall over for mis-hearing. Enjoy the reading!


Today the Metro seems to be experimenting with saving power by turning all the power off at the Friendship Heights station (Western Ave. and Glenmont-bound platform side, especially). No working escalators, no platform floor lights, no train announcement sigh, and creepiest and most unsafe- no lights. I’m pretty sure there could be a lawsuit filed is someone fell while walking down a long escalator in the dark. That probably isn’t going to help you save money, guys.

The cool thing about the Metro is that even if you don’t have the fare to finish your ride, you can still travel anywhere. And even though the system is in debt, I’ve never seen them not let someone leave. In addition to jumping the turnstile, you probably can’t get stuck in the Metro forever.

My dad just confused terms and called an SD Card (the memory card for electronic devices like digital cameras), a V-Card. Haha!

This week I got the phone numbers to two guys whose names both begin with a ‘C.’ Cool!

Weird: some completely random guy smiled directly at me as we were crossing the street in Dupont Circle.

The problem with [flirting with or developing crushes on] people at the Dupont Circle Metro, is you never know who’s really straight…

Buzzed is 1-3, Tipsy is 4-6, Drunk is 7-9, and Wasted is 10+ (on the scale of 1-10).

I only ask 3 things of guys I could date: They 1) are single, 2) straight, and 3) don’t smoke.

I had a dream that my teeth were falling out only because my brother and I were just having a discussion about how many people have the ream where their teeth are falling out!

I was asked, “Do you want to do a 420?” by a family friend who looks like he’s in his 50’s. I don’t know if that was a joke, but he sure seemed serious. I just laughed.

Future note: next time my parents ask for my opinion -and I’m drunk- don’t give it to them… or lie.

Talking to my mom about designing my friend’s wedding invitations and that my friend would do the flowers for my future wedding. My mom says something which I swear was, “You should just get laid!” Whaa??! My mom actually said, “You should just get paid.” Haha, BIG DIFFERENCE THERE.





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