Canada Day and The Freedom of Consumption

1 07 2011

So today’s Canada Day, folks. It’s not what I’ve come here to discuss with you today, but it is a “holiday” worth mentioning, eh?

True Canadian graffiti spotted on the hostel I stayed at in Victoria, a few years ago.

So while those crazy kids to the north of us are celebrating their Independence Day, I want to take a moment to talk about the Independence Day that I will be celebrating, come this Sunday, July third. No, it’s not the birthday of our nation, which you may know comes one day later. This year, I will be celebrating a different sort of independence. A freedom of choice. A freedom of consumption.

This July third, I will be celebrating the freedom to eat meat, with the end of my culminating six months of going vegetarian. The six month meatless journey was indeed a choice, for which the freedom I am thankful for having. To celebrate one choice, I am making another choice. Of course this monumental occasion will be properly documented. I am looking forward to sharing the post-celebration details next week. So in gearing up for such an exciting day, I bring you the following photo, appropriate for such a day. A day to celebrate the independence to eat meat!




2 responses

1 07 2011
Brendon Rubin-Oster

What will come first: chicken, steak, brisket, burgers, hot dogs, sausage, all of the above?? =P

1 07 2011

Oh, it’s already been planned out: chicken wings!!!

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