Got Beach?

30 06 2011

I have a beach house. Or more specifically, my family has a beach house in Delaware. Many of my friends are aware of this and frequently talk about coming out to the beach and taking advantage of this luxury.  I agree that having a beach house is awesome. I try to go to the beach as much as I can throughout the year (not just the summer) because having a beach house is such a worthwhile commodity. I realize that not everyone can enjoy a beach house as often as I can, so I often invite friends to the beach to stay with me.

Funny thing is that it always seems like it’s all talk and nothing to come out of it. there have been a few weekends already this summer where none of my friends are available to accompany me to the beach (this upcoming popular holiday weekend included). It’s really not the end of the world for myself, because I still get to enjoy the beach. But I just think it’s kind of silly that my friends sometimes beg to be invited to the beach, and whenever there’s a free time, they can’t end up going.

Blame it on the summer never being long enough, or too-full schedules, or what have you, but it’s all pretty ridiculous. People fantasize about the beach, but they never make it out. Not to brag, but least I can!





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