Street Art: I HATE IT HERE

29 06 2011

Way back when I started this blog I thought this would be a good venue for me to post pictures of memorable Street Art in which I had seen. Since I started CAPSLove, I have maybe done this once or twice. It’s kind of a shame, especially since I am so fascinated with the Street Art movement. Today, I aim to change that. Hopefully in the future I will post more photos of clever/humorous/pretty/interesting Street Art.

Today’s picture was taken last week, while taking a stroll from Tenleytown to Friendship Heights. I walked past this sign on Wisconsin Avenue and Harrison Street and did a double take. Stickers are frequently seen on the backs of street signs, so I didn’t think much of this spotting. But it caught my eye and I came back for a second look:

I’m talking about that top sticker. It’s an alligator/crocodile animal of sorts with the words, “I HATE IT HERE” coming out of it’s mouth. I thought it was pretty cute in a funny and sad way. Was the reptile expressing its feelings about the area? Is there an animal in it’s stomach that’s crying out for help? Or was the sticker an animal personifying the artist? Whatever it’s supposed to be, I thought it was kind of great. That’s not something you see every day.




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21 10 2011
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