An Unlikely Spot For Toilets

28 06 2011

Today we have an art-based post. It doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should, so I hope you enjoy it while it lasts. Today, while perusing the many photos that my friends post online, I re-visited one of my favorite pictures. It’s a pretty humorous and odd composition that shows a number of toilets stranded on a street corner:

It’s kind of like one of those photos you’d see in a Caption Contest or the like. This awkward photo gave me enlightenment and inspiration today. It was begging to be transformed, and so I obliged. But what would it become? The idea immediately struck me that it would work amazingly as a funny, old postcard. So I got right to work.

I de-saturated the colors, blurred and faded the edges, making the photo look worn, I added some standard post card text in what I thought would be something along the lines of 1960’s California colors. I picked a fun font that I imagined would contrast well with the subject and still fit the location. I might have taken it a tad over the edge but I’m pretty pleased with the final product:



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