Gowns Gone Wild

22 06 2011

It’s Wedding Season!

The weddings have begun as Wedding Season takes 2011 in full force! A few of my friends are getting hitched this weekend, and friends of mine have been attending weddings recently. It’s not really a written set of dates, but Wedding Season is probably best described as being synonymous with the Summer. This allows for longer days of sunlight and (to some) the best weather for an outdoor wedding. So weddings have been on my mind. Today’s post is simple: I am showing pictures of some of the more gaudy, elaborate wedding gowns. Brides’ dresses can be quite the spectacle, so I’m highlighting some of the most showy dresses!

It looks like this dress is made of potato chips! Definitely more of an art piece.

This dress lights up any occasion!

This fury dress looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book.

A short dress isn't seen very often. This play off a rose theme, could poke someone's eye out, it's so sharp!

A failed, blobby attempt at the "mermaid" silhouette. Looks like this designer didn't want to get rid of any extra fabric.

There's a veil, and then there's this. If Lady Gaga wore this, she'd make it look normal.

And just for kicks, these Alexander McQueen wedding shoes!




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