20 06 2011

This week’s episode of TFLW brings you one of my favorite songs, which I think is a great way to start off any blog post! I’ve also included a funny drunk text I got from a friend. More below are some clever blog name ideas (too bad I already have a decent one), a funny name correlation between some famous people, and two infused-vodka ideas (something to do that I’ve actually been thinking of for a while). There’s some very enjoyable tidbits so enjoy reading…


“Mr. Sandman” is definitely one of my favorite songs. It often goes overlooked from my mind, but I will forever love it.

“You ate way cooler any way!” -best drunk text I got on Saturday night from one of many friends named Matt. (For the record, it was supposed to say, “You are way cooler, anyway!”

“Princess and the Blog” -the greatest slip-up ever said. Also, a fantastic name for a blog. This blog would totally be called that but it’s sort of too late and I don’t really want to have a name-change. Plus- I’m not a princess… [Update: it’s a tumblr and a .com site, but the domain name is still available as a wordpress or blogspot URL. Please, anyone reading it: don’t take it!]

“The Girl on the Jumbo-Tron” -another good name for a blog of mine, because let’s face it, it’s true! The Verizon Center, Camden Yards, what’s next for me to conquer?!

I wonder if Davy Jones of The Monkees was named after Davy Jones’ Locker. I wonder if he ever got teased for being named after oceanic folklore.

Wow. What a detailed tattoo!

I have the perfect infused vodka flavor: root beer. And use root beer candies. Yesss.

Ooohh, and Sour Patch Kids-infused vodka! Yum. I smell a new project…

New unhealthy record: I didn’t go to the bathroom ALL DAY. That’s like almost eight hours. Ugh.




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