Good News Hockey Day

16 06 2011

There is some pretty big news going around in the hockey world and it’s pretty darn exciting to get to share it with you today. I’m calling them the A,B, C’s of today’s hockey good news. A, for how Awesome it all is. B, for the Beantown B’s (a.k.a: the Boston Bruins) for winning the 2011 Stanley Cup. C, for the Caps’ new goalie coach…

The first is the long awaited result of this year’s Stanley Cup winner. For the first time since I started following hockey (2003), a team that I actually like has won the cup: the Boston Bruins! Sure, there have been teams like the Blackhawks and the Red Wings who I admire who have won the cup, but the Bruins are a team I will actually admit to liking besides the Caps. Sadly, I was unable to watch last night’s apparently awesome game (I blame an unfortunate scheduling of a first date), but from the final score of 4-0 and a few post-game highlights, I was still able to grasp the monumental greatness of the game. And to top off the game, one of my favorite players, Patrice Bergeron scored his second goal of the night, and also the game-winner. NICE!

The second piece of news is about the long-out-of-the-news, Washington Capitals. In a pretty exciting move, the team has named former goalie and heart of the team, Olie Kolzig, the organization’s newest goaltending coach. That’s right, kiddies, Olie the Goalie has come back to continue his mark on the Caps’ organization. According to high sources, the Caps’ former goal coach, “Arturs Irbe’s contract expired at the end of the 2011-12 season.” So hopefully Olie will be able to help out whomever the Caps decide to put in net. Sure, his moves were getting a little squeaky towards the end of his goaltending career, but perhaps he will strike a better chord as goal coach. Either way, it’s wonderful to see Olie back with the Caps where he belongs!

So here’s to some good hockey news. Although the hockey season may be over, I hope to hear more good news about this sport in the coming future. The next thing on the NHL agenda are the NHL awards, so that is sure to bring some more news. Until then, good job Bruins, and I’m looking forward to the fall, to see some more hockey!




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