PSA: Pretty Super Announcement

15 06 2011

Today’s post is actually a P.S.A., but it’s not one of those boring Public Service Announcements if that’s what you’re thinking. I would never dream of boring my faithful readers, so calm down. Instead, today’s post is just a Pretty Super Announcement. So here’s the deal folks:

My friend and I (possible nicknames to be Starter for her and Closer for me) are creating a most epic kickball team. Now, I know you’re all probably thinking that haven’t I had enough of these kickball shenanigans? Your answer is no, not yet. Anyways, We are creating a kickball team of awesome proportions. However, this team is only currently in the making.

That’s where you, the reader comes in. We are still seeking more people to join. Would you like to be on our team? You could play with the one and only CAPSLove author which is a pretty nifty thing! Of course, we are only looking for those interested in improving their awesomeness and who like to meet other equally awesome people while kicking around a ball (and sometimes throwing and catching it too) and flipping cups while drinking plenty of beer.

Does that sound like your idea of a good time? Then perhaps you should join the team. Now, don’t be put off by our name, Bathroom Secrets, because really, when you think about it, this name could mean many different things. We like to keep things open for discussion. Are you concerned with your athletic abilities (or lack thereof)? That’s ok, because honestly, we don’t judge and you can’t be any worse than the person who’s signature kick is to kick it right to the pitcher (ahem, that would be me…). And we all know that come Thursday afternoon, you’re just like the rest of us, in your maybe-not-so-correct thinking that the weekend might as well come a day early and that you just want to forget that there’s still another meaningless day of the work week in between you and the weekend.

If that sounds like you (or someone who you would like to be) then I highly recommend you join Bathroom Secrets, the latest and greatest kickball team to take Washington, D.C.. For the sign-up info, go to this website. There, you can sign up for Bathroom Secrets, and all your wildest dreams will come true. (This is not an exaggeration.)

"Oh no! I missed DC Kickball registration!" "Idiot! Your summer is RUINED!"




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