14 06 2011

Normally I write about how awesome certain famous people are on their birthdays, and even though his birthday is only in 24 days, I have decided to blog about a very important figure in my childhood. This man probably had more to do with my upbringing than my friends at the time. Granted, I am referring to when I was just a wee toddler through perhaps kindergarten, so I was pretty young. No, this is not an early Father’s Day post, though I can imagine this man probably played a Father-like role with his comforting educational and silly music.

The man of the hour is Raffi, everybody’s favorite children’s musician. Did you know that Raffi is originally from Egypt, and born to Armenian parents?  He later emigrated to the land of wonders (i.e., Canada) specifically, Toronto. Raffi is pretty great for his music but did you know he also has a sense of adventure too? According to Wikipedia, he even hitchhiked from the Toronto/Montreal area all the way to Vancouver, where he found “fame and fortune.” Interestingly enough, Raffi was hesitant to play children’s music, which is surprising, since he does it so well!

Hopefully I haven’t bored you too much about Raffi’s life. While he may be known for catering to children, some of his songs have struck a chord with those above the age of say, five. Take this fine example:

While it gets a little graphic and it has some not children’s appropriate language, this gem of a video shows that even the older folks can still take pleasure have fun at the expense of some good natured children’s music.

But speaking of taking Raffi’s music and twisting it for an older audience, you gotta check out this Baby Beluga Rap. Yeah, it’s a questionable piece of music, but it exists nonetheless:

And speaking of our childhood, what isn’t a post about growing up without a song sung by Raffi AND this!…

You’re welcome. You really are. So here’s to Raffi. That warm, comforting voice, full of cheer and innocence. A voice to that every child should take guidance from, Raffi will forever be one of the greatest children’s musician ever.




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