13 06 2011

Hello folks and welcome to yet another splendificent edition of TFLW (Thoughts From Last Week). As I review the following entries, it looks to me like food was a major component of the past week for me (and why not?). If you have been a faithful reader of TFLW, you should have noticed an evident pattern in my posts of breakfast food-as drunk food thoughts, and this week was no exception. In addition, I make some pretty interesting comments about the movie, “The Lion King.” Of course, there’s plenty more, so enjoy reading on!


It’s decided: If I can’t be at Disney World for my birthday next year, then I want to have a karaoke birthday!

I feel so good about myself when I’m able to have as much fun as a drunk person -but without drinking!

It’s always the people you see who are the least inept to walk up the Metro escalator on the left who you see doing so. And vice versa.

Last night I totally got all excited to make these Eggo-type frozen waffles to sober me up. I drenched them in maple syrup and added cinnamon and butter. But I was too tired to eat them! I fell asleep and woke up to “Married With Children” on my TV and all the lights on in my room. What a night.

Who is Nala’s father? Where are the other male lions in, “The Lion King” ???

Pride Rock? More like Lesbian Rock.

I am eating pretzels for dinner. What a life.

Pineapple, shrimp, and chickpeas. That’s what I got from the grocery store to eat for sinner. I really know how to live it up!




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