Another Scorcher? Cool.

9 06 2011

Who remembers this? 

Most people dislike meteorologists because they frequently misjudge the weather, causing for upset people and poor clothing choices. But today I found myself totally agreeing with and thanking the folks behind the weather predictions. Take these such findings from Sure today was going to be “another scorcher” but take a look at that low humidity percentage! Only 31%? Not too shabby. They got it right on the dot today:

Taken around 5PM

That’s why when I saw this forecast, I was no longer afraid to venture into the heat on my lunch break today. I had been cowering away from the outdoors pretty much all week, since all I was hearing was bad news about the muggy, early summer weather. But I had been putting off my errands long enough and today, extreme heat or not, I had to go outside. I was really not looking forward to the heat, and even considered taking the Metro for only one or two stops to escape the heat (which is ironic, given the Metro’s Hellish environment), something I don’t like doing, since I feel like it’s a waste of money. I prepared myself for the worst and stepped outside.

The first few seconds of being out in the sun didn’t affect me as I was expecting. The first few minutes went by quicker than predicted. Was I really able to walk all the way to my destination (a normal 20 minute walk) while barely breaking a sweat?  What was going on?

"desert hot"

I concluded that the weather forecasters really were right about today’s weather. Sure, it was ungodly hot out, but I was able to survive since the humidity level was low. It’s always that gosh-darned humidity that gets me in D.C.’s summers, but today was an unusual surprise. Today’s weather can best be described as “desert heat.” It’s hot and dry out and the shade seems to only help cool you down by a mere five degrees. But there’s none of that awful humidity that D.C. summers are so synonymous with.

No surprises here: this image of D.C. was one of the first few image results for the Google search of "humidity." Go figure. Gross.

Sure, I’d still rate the weather as an eight out of ten on the “sweat meter” and no, I don’t think I’d be comfortable outside for more than an hour, but the weather really was much more manageable than I was anticipating. If D.C. had normal hot weather like this for the rest of the summer, sure it would be terrible, but I think I could do a much better job surviving in the high temperatures. Just no more humidity, please. I guess we might as well be walking on the sun…




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