Water Parks Aren’t So Great

8 06 2011

Call me a hypocrite, but I’m not the biggest fan of water parks. I love amusement parks and I very much enjoy being in water, so you might assume this is a recipe for a water park lover, but yet, it’s just not my cup of tea. Well, you might say that perhaps I just haven’t been to the “right” water park to suit my interests, but really, I will argue that water parks are pretty much all the same.

Take: 1 massive wave pool, 1 Lazy River, 1 kiddie play area with those giant plastic mushrooms that water trickles down, and an assortment of numerous water slides, and you’ve got the ingredients for your basic water park. Sure, these are all pretty fun for your standard water-deprived youth in those hot, summer days and I don’t deny that. But water parks also tend to be overcrowded with tons of people, long lines of impatient people, and a general feeling of hyperactive chaos. When it comes to the option of water as a cool relief from the heat, I’ll take a more relaxing choice, please.

Another major turn-off of water parks are the changing rooms/bathrooms. They tend to be smelly, dirty, cramped, and humid. It’s kind of the last place I want to be at water parks, yet they’re kind of unavoidable too. Unless you plan on never having to use the bathroom and you don’t plan on changing or showering, then you can better avoid this not so pleasant situation; although that’s not really very feasible.

Ideally, I’m more of a fan of the ocean than any other body of water, natural or artificial; preferably the chilly Atlantic that I’m used to and that I’ve grown up with. Even with the free access I have to several pools, I still have rarely ventured to them more than a couple times within the past few years. I wouldn’t even say it’s that I dislike chlorine, although maybe unconsciously I do prefer the natural state of water. It’s not like I’m allergic to chlorine too.

But like I said, I prefer my water relief in a relaxing form. Water parks tend to be more high energy, high impact, and did I mention high priced? Why pay for all that adrenaline rush when I can get it battling real life waves and Mother Nature? Yep, I’m a beach bum, and darn proud of it too.

yes please.




One response

8 06 2011
Brendon Rubin-Oster

Given it was hottest and most humid day of the season thus far, perfect timing for this post. Interestingly, my mind was all about water parks today, but resorted to the free option of my complex’s swimming pool. Growing up in CA, it is rather funny that my sister and I would resort to the costly water parks filled with tons of anxious kids urinating on the water slides vs. the free Pacific Ocean only 15 minutes. In fact, my family lives closer to the beach than the water parks. Still wonder why we always ended up at water parks. Plus, my sister always walked away with an injury due to her body sliding against the ungiving water slides. Interesting points made in this post!

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