A New Vocabulary

7 06 2011

Over the weekend, my friend and I were on an unusually long Metro ride. Without much else to do, we decided to entertain ourselves by creating new fancy-sounding words. It ended up being a little more difficult than we were expecting it to be. Nonetheless, it was pretty entertaining to create new words that really sounded like they could be real. Below is the list of what we came up with:

  • supatient
  • terbundance
  • pertrutious
  • swaunting
  • slaunting
  • splendificent (a mix between splendid and magnificent)
  • magnacious
  • sketchtop (similar to sketchy, like in a creepy way)
  • mescalator (like an escalator)
  • levelator (like an elevator)

Since these words are so new however, they don’t all have meanings. But I think that isn’t necessarily a problem. Having new words  without specific meanings, allows you to utilize them however you please. And if/when someone questions your unusual vocabulary, you can just make up the definition based on context. Who knows, perhaps if you use a word enough with a consistent meaning, then it could just make it’s way into our vernacular. And now, wouldn’t that be neat?




One response

21 06 2012

I had used the word pertrutious the other day in a presentation, before having seen your blog i used it to mean the act of protruding while being intrusive to its environment… i think this could become a thing

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