6 06 2011

This past week seems to have revolved around three things: food, alcohol, and kickball. Really, if that were the case, I would be pretty fine with that. I’m pretty positive more occurred last week than just that, but it is a good attempt at a review. Other than that I have some comments about what is known as The City of Brotherly Love, other various sports, and um, doing laundry. I swear last week was more exciting that that. But nonetheless, the TFLW posted below pretty much speak for themselves. Do yourself a favor and take a gander at them. You can thank me later.


And once again, I play the laundry game: waiting for my roommate to finish laundry who is in turn waiting for someone else to finish their laundry!

Baseball players are the wholesome, goody-two-shoes of society, basketball players are the overachievers (thus the high scoring), football is for the fighters….

When I think of Philadelphia, I think of three things: jerk sports fans, American history, and cheesesteaks.

I have to admit: as much of a pain that the Metro is, the online feature that shows when the next train arrives is pretty genius. Works like a charm!

Omg biggest craving for macaroni sans cheese.

Oh man I am enthralled with the discussion (about Frank Lloyd Wright) going on next to me on the Metro. I really want to partake in the conversation, only I’m drunk and more importantly, probably [would] act like it too.

FRENCH. TOAST. STICKS. beyond belief -like I might as well finish the box.

Ohmygosh if I could eat anything it would be watermelon and lo mein and cheese nachos- the end.

I’m pretty sure 8/10 of those I meet at Thursday kickball look like Ryan Reynolds.

“It’s called DOC Kickball.” -a little boy walking by and observing a kickball game. (The kickball in the DC Kickball logo looks like the letter, “O.” Ha!)

Everytime I drink, it will be guaranteed that I will crave pizza.




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