One Month Home Stretch

3 06 2011

Who remembers this post? Remember back on January 2nd, when I decided to go vegetarian? The beginning of 2011 did seem like a while ago. When I started off on my vegetarian journey, it was only to be for a mere month. After that, I decided I’d take this meat-less diet for as long as I could do it. I concluded that really, I could probably be vegetarian for a long time. It’s been 5 months and I’m still going strong, but I have decided on an ending point. The finish line, just one month away lies on July 2nd, marking a total of six months as a vegetarian. I’m pretty sure half a year is enough to prove to myself that this is more than just a stunt.

I decided on this July date for more than just the half-year mark, though I did like the ring to that amount of time. One of things I miss most from going meat-less is BBQ. Sure, barbeque’d veggies are plenty tasty, but there’s nothing like grilling meats in the summer. My first day off the vegetarian diet will conveniently be the day before Independence Day. What better way to celebrate freedom than with the freedom to eat whatever!? Anyways, the Fourth of July is synonymous with grilling so perhaps I can join in on this festivity as well.

Another reason I chose July 2nd as my cut-off date is because I am taking a trip to Spain in late July and I didn’t want to be restricted in my diet while abroad. I am a big supporter of trying new foods, and while this could still be possible as a vegetarian, I have a feeling that there are more dishes that include meat that I would not want to be left out from trying. The foreign fare should be great!

So I’m in the final month of this diet, and I have mixed feelings about going back to a lifestyle of meat-eating. At first I thought I would stay vegetarian (for health benefits) and only eat meat in the form of chicken wings (since I miss them dearly). But I still yearned for BBQ. And there are tons of burger places in D.C. that I didn’t want to be excluded from either. I can imagine sticking with the vegetarian diet unless something of the meat family really piqued my interest or could satisfy a craving. I think if I’ve learned anything from being a vegetarian, it’s that meat doesn’t have to be the answer. But if it is the answer, I’d be fine with that as well.

Meat. Looks so good.




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